following Q&A's have been provided to help you better understand Criminal Law.,air yeezy 2 for sale

Q. Am I likely to get off a speeding charge if I can prove that my car's speedo was in error?

A. No,Cheap Dez Bryant Jersey For Sale, but this would be taken into account when you are sentenced.

Q. Unfortunately I do not have a good driving record; I am separated from my wife who does not have a driver's licence which means that I have to take my son to and from child care. Will this be taken into account although I have recently committed another driving offence?

A. Yes. The court takes a very poor view of repeated transgressions by drivers particularly where they are young and have a bad driving history. Courts often take into account these circumstances but more particularly where the offender's continuing employment is likely to be affected.

Q. I have just ended a short term relationship with my former girlfriend who is threatening that if I do not return to her she will report me to the police saying that I sexually assaulted her?

A. This situation is not uncommon and involves both males and females alike. Irrespective of gender if you are blackmailed by someone to return to a relationship which you have terminated then do not hesitate to approach your lawyer and have them contact the police to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Q. I am 40 years old and involved in sales and I have recently been charged for the second time with high range PCA. What should I do?

A. The courts do not like drink-driving offences and more so where they are high range PCA. Where this type of offence has been repeated within a period of five years then the penalties are severe involving disqualification,Cheap Saints Jerseys, fine and/or imprisonment. In all such cases proper legal advice should be obtained in order to mitigate the sentence and questions of financial hardship associated with losing your licence need to be ventilated with the court to obtain consideration.

Q. Recently I was picked up for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 kph and I am concerned that I am may lose my driver's licence when this matter comes before the court. I need to know what to do?

A. In NSW where you are exceeding the speed limit by over 30 kph it is an serious offence as it constitute dangerous driving. Aggravated dangerous driving occurs where a person exceeds the speed limit by more than 45kph which involves automatic suspension of licence and in some cases a term of imprisonment.

Q. Do courts take into account a prior drink driving record and does it have any appreciable effect on the sentence handed down?

A. In NSW a prior drink driving offence within a period of five years has an appreciable effect on the sentence imposed by any court. For a low range PCA for a first offender there is an automatic minimum disqualification period of three months apart from the question of fines or imprisonment. In the case of a second offence committed within a five year period there is an automatic minimum disqualification period of six months apart from the questions of fine and imprisonment once again. The lesson is,New York Jets Jerseys Cheap, if you have been caught once for drink driving don't get caught again irrespective of whether the courts are only meant to take a prior offence into account within a five year period as they are entitled to consider the whole of your driving record when imposing sentence.

Q. I was recently at a sporting event and my conduct was a bit untidy. As a result I said some derogatory things about one of the teams playing and unfortunately I was sitting amongst a lot of their supporters. Apparently they called the police. Whilst I was standing up cheering I felt an arm on my shoulder which I attempted to shrug off. The next thing I knew I was being wrestled to the ground by police and taken to a nearby police station where I was subsequently charged. The charges included - resisting arrest and striking a policeman whilst on duty. Is this serious?

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