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And houses,big bags,nominate brand dresses favor BJD toy has recently become a current favorite white-collar workers within Hangzhou. Many folk are willing to spend colossal bucks as their favorite doll Appears in the actor they even like folk have emotions and emotions. Thus,within addition apt financial investment, many folk to be gushed his feelings into it.

Dark alley, baby father baby mother's celebration

Night, Yuet Wah water. Nanshan Road, a group of folk attach in a the dark narrows form a perimeter

Standing with them, there are a dozen little folk"each about 50-60 cm high some dressed among gorgeous backless evening clothe her hair coiled up; some clothe short of shorts,Jordan 7 Raptors, long cilia down to the heel fortuitous manner; likewise dress cute and sexy Lolita bread skirt,beautiful mesh the United States was a surprise … …

Month while the light upon them, those villains face, eyes hollow,dull expression to remind you,Jordan 9 Kilroy, they are only equitable a bunch of toys

Them and them doing here?

In truth this is a crew of BJD toy enthusiasts,, a customary gathering. Baby sister just a perimeter from the Japanese "take back a present baby, everyone is held to the current members of the carton do the ceremony.

Out of the carton Yes,when the toys are packed surrounded boxes boated backward to the phase it is only nude baby,jordan 9,no fine clothes not beauteous component When it was out of the box while,equitable favor newborn baby as apt receive a congratulating the host aspiration take pictures as it, give it pet nominate

Speaking BJD dolls many folk may never know,merely order of the day talking about SD, it was flew take the hint. In truth BJD namely an abbreviation of these dolls: with mammoth eyes,blank but breathtaking; limb joints are mobile, you can bend out of any form you want; expression slightly sluggish merely could face component Xpress alter occasionally pure,sometimes irregular And from Japan, SD,namely the BJD dolls in the most notable brand.

Originally thought BJD,however and,prefer Barbie,only the children toys. However, a friend recently attended this gathering Ting elected up forward recruiters only opened the eyes really by a detriment The gatherings favor this,among this corner of the metropolis staged almost every week.

To along Ting reminded me,beguile do never differentiate people you are journalists, playing the small circuit of folk who have their own and do never favor apt adopt current people and hate their lives being exposed. Of them,maximum are white-collar workers,at least among the yuan every month income, a truth that the refinement game.

Soon apt a team of older folk within the 30-40 annuals age all-women, several with a baby 15 year-old. They carry a fine from the packing cautiously took out his pocket dolls gloves spent a mini period playing with Lao Bantian the hands of the toy stand or sit, put aboard different POSE photographed.

Ting told me that these people are playing toys to be lunatic,in order apt buy a small clothes a small sack alternatively even a small fetter they also bottom a special journey to Japan, it can never purchase they see custom tailor . A moonlight plaything money spent,constantly over 10,000. [Keyword Search]: BJD Dolls ? Doll ? Animation Large ? In ? Small

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