Sports Massage Therapy Keeping Chicago Teams Strong

Sports massage therapy has been demonstrated to be effective for athletes competing at the highest levels. But it's also been in the news recently in the Chicago sports world as two of the city's baseball stars are using massage therapy to limit the impact of injuries and speed along the recovery process.

Indeed, as the Chicago Tribune reported (Massage therapist helps Peavy stay on track, May 12, 2011), Jake Peavy, starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, credited sports massage therapy for helping him recover from a shoulder injury. In the article, Peavy said his massage therapist helped reduce the amount of scar tissue buildup following a shoulder injury, and said that the therapist most likely saved him from having to have another surgery.

Similarly, Chicago Cubs ace pitcher Carlos Zambrano has been using sports massage therapy to ease a stiff neck,jordan shoes 11s. In a recent article published on ESPN's Website (Carlos Zambrano won't miss start, May 27, 2011), Zambrano said a regimen of exercise and sports massage would keep him in the starting lineup despite his injury,great jordan pairs.

As attention shifts to baseball (with, sadly,jordan 4 black cement 2012, both the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks recently eliminated from the playoffs), Zambrano's and Peavy's stories serve as reminders of how sports massage therapy has helped - and continues to help - other Chicago sports teams.

With the Bulls, the team continues to feature massage therapists on its staff, and one of the team's therapists was credited by Sports Illustrated with keeping Scottie Pippen healthy during its last successful finals run in 1998 (Six Shooter, June 22, 1998). In game 3 of the finals Pippen was suffering so much from a lower back ailment that he "couldn't lift his leg onto the training table in the locker room." But with the team's massage therapist working on his lower back during halftime, he was able to go out and play in the second half.

The Chicago Blackhawks meanwhile not only have a massage therapist on staff for the team, but the team also features him on its Webpage. The Chicago Bears meanwhile have employed a massage therapist for over 10 years, while even the city's soccer team, the Chicago Fire,this store, keep a therapist on staff to attend to its players.

While corporate massage and chair massage feature prominently in the wellness programs of major businesses in Chicago, it's safe to say that sports massage carries its own weight in helping out the city as well. Hopefully with a little luck and some good massage therapy Chicago can get its third major sporting championship of the 21st century!

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