Baidu's Second-quarter Net Profit is $ 252.6 Million

Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) announced today is as of June 30 financial anniversary 2011 second quarter unaudited financial expressions The report shows Baidu second quarter absolute revenues of 3.415 billion yuan about 528.4 million U.S.dollars up 78.4%; second 15 min net profit of 1.633 billion yuan almost 252.six million U.S.greenbacks up 95.0% . Main results: Baidu second 15 min absolute revenues of 3.415 billion yuan virtually 528.4 million U.S.dollars up 78.4%; Baidu second-quarter operating profit of 1.858 billion yuan about 287.five million U.S.greenbacks up 91.two %; - Baidu second-quarter net profit 1.633 billion yuan almost 252.six million U.S.dollars up 95.0%; - Baidu second quarter diluted earnings per ADS 4.67 yuan (U.S. $ 0.72); excluding stock- based reparation expenses (non-GAAP), Baidu second 15 min diluted earnings per ADS to four.77 yuan (U.S. $ 0.74). May 12, 2010, Baidu aspiration be characterized according its American depositary receipts of ordinary shares per ADS representatives from the percentage of one share of common stock split for every ADS represents 10 shares of U.S. 1 ordinary shares. After the split,afterward Baidu's American depositary shares into 1 / 10. Robin Li, Baidu's chairman and chief managerial commander said: among the second quarter Baidu had a agreeable crop afresh quarterly,New York Jets Jerseys,more and more enterprises begin apt realize the sum of Search Engine Marketing and importance of seek conveyance and the number of steady customers growth, investment,especially from huge customers strong growth. " Li said: "We are confident, superior innovation and effective execution, Baidu aspiration help fascinate more modish users and customers, and continue apt enhance their satisfaction." Baidu CFO Li Xin said: "The second 15 min Baidu has attained quite manly growth performance. The henceforth aspiration continue apt add among R & D and investment within network infrastructure,Cheap Saints Jerseys, and future sustainable development for Baidu to attract accessory talented talent Financial Analysis: Baidu second 15 min absolute revenues of three.415 billion yuan (U.S. $ 528.four million),air yeezy 2 for sale,one add of 78.4%. Baidu Online marketing revenues for the second 15 min of 3.414 billion yuan (U.S. $ 528.three million),1 increase of 78.4%. Baidu second 15 min the digit of athletic online marketing customers apt approximately 298,000, up 17.3% sequentially and up 8.8%. Baidu second 15 min from every online marketing buyer average revenue namely almost eleven,500 yuan (U.S. $ 1,Nike Denver Broncos Jerseys,779) over last annual up 53.3% sequentially and up 29.2%. Baidu second 15 min conveyance accretion prices (TAC) of 269.1 million yuan (U.S. $ 41.six million), the proportion of total revenues 7.9%,Dez Bryant Jersey,compared to nine.7%,eight.2% the previous 15 min. 相关的主题文章:
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