ociated Press- Deadlines are fastidious among journalism. If you siesta aboard the job,another reporter ambition obtain the colossal scoop. But with the Eye-Fi and Mi-Fi combination, you are a tread above all the competition.

The Eye-Fi card namely the 1st telegram memory card, and fits into your camera equitable favor your normal SD/SDHC card. But, the competitive advantage namely namely the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi,allowing you to use any wireless network apt effortlessly transfer photos and movies direct to your calculator and up apt 25 photo sharing sites!

By pairing this peerless tool with Mi-Fi, your personal, portable Wi-Fi hotspot,jordan9onlineshop.webeden.net, you can send pictures into the bureau as soon as you snap the shutter How's namely for up apt the minute news Cover the latest news stories amid real duration with not worry about downloading alternatively sending pictures.

Your latest assignment namely to cover the delegation visiting the President from _____. As chapter of the allowable click corps,jordan 9, you have one always direction pass. Before heading out you agenda your eye-fi card to elect up the directional from the Mi-Fi device hidden in your pocket. Pop it into your camera, and you're appealing apt go

When you 1st setup your Eye-Fi,Jordan 7 Raptors, you specified which networks you want your Eye-Fi card apt use apt transfer your medium and what calculator can store the pictures.You can join up to 32 networks as your card to use! Then,Jordan 9 Kilroy,whenever your camera is aboard and surrounded range of one of your specified webs your photos and videos will FLY directly apt YOUR calculator and the photo sharing site namely YOU favor!

The 1st accident is a reception for the visiting diplomats among the White House Rose Garden. You arrest the semi-relaxed atmosphere peerless amid your photos. As your colleagues are still taking pictures, yours have yet been sent back apt the bureau and are being filled on the newspapers website. Thanks to your Eye-Fi/Mi-Fi combo, the story is out 12 minutes backward it occurred

You follow the delegation always daytime and preoccupy the rout among a photo makeup First the noteworthy DC monuments,afterward a excursion of Capital Hill. The signing of historic legislation is captured brilliantly, as namely the glitz and glamour of the formal ball held that evening.

The other huge newspaper publications are plucking their hair out attempting to diagram out how your site has the photos and explication up so rapidly You chuckle apt yourself and reserve you secluded weapon a puzzle What your colleagues don't know namely namely you've adapt Eye-Fi/Mi-Fi for a singular blend of brains and velocity When aboard the road, this dynamic duo fills your each beckoning absence. 相关的主题文章:
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